The Funkiness of BRADIO – Beyond the OP

Whenever I start a new anime show, I always look forward to the opening and ending themes. For me, the musical aspect of anime takes a significant part on if I like the show or not. This particular segment called Beyond the OP/ED is where I’ll be talking about an artist or band who has done an opening and/or ending song for an anime and like the name says, going beyond it to discover their other great songs they’ve created.

I already wrote something like this before for the artist who did the opening and ending songs for Amagami SS, azusa, which you can check out here if you like relaxing and heartwarming songs.

I’ve been dying to talk about this band for a while now, so let’s just get into it!

If you haven’t heard of Death Parade before, I would definitely suggest to check it out! A psychological thriller released in the Winter 2015 season where in each episode, two people compete in fun games such as billiards, poker, air hockey and many more to determine if they will go to heaven or hell. It may sound a little weird, but it was really enjoyable.

Image result for death parade

One of the reasons why a lot of people liked this show was the opening theme, “Flyers” by the rock band BRADIO. It’s very upbeat and the fact that it was extremely catchy, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the most liked opening that season and there was no point into skipping it.

Taking my great amount of enjoyment from the opening theme from this show, I decided to take a look at BRADIO’s other songs and boy, I was not disappointed.

First off, let’s talk a little about the band itself.

BRADIO (pronounced brah-dee-oh) is a Japanese rock band consisting of Takaaki Shingyoji as the lead vocals, Soichi Ohyama as the guitarist, Ryosuke Sakai as the bassist and Yuki Tanabe on the drums.

Image result for bradio
From left to right: Yuki Tanabe, Ryosuke Sakai, Takaaki Shingyoji and Soichi Ohyama

The band name is actually an acronym for “Break the Rule And Do Image On” and apparently it means that “they will break the rules of everyday life, and while having a wonderful image all around, they will make a new good place.” (Wikipedia).

This group of men who wear multi-colored suits with one of them with a full-blown afro who sings and dances almost like the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson, how can you not like them?

One of the great reasons why I seriously love this band is that they can combine rock with funk and soul, something we don’t really see nowadays. A great example of this would be “Back to the Funk”, one of my absolute favorite songs from them.

“Take Me Higher” and “Overnight Superstar” are also a soulfunk-like rock songs but a little bit slower and calmer.

With most of their songs consisting of only great sounding vocals, guitar, bass and drums, they do an amazing job composing these catchy rock tunes. “Golden Liar” is so simple, yet so brilliant.

Other really great sounding rock songs by them is “HIT PARADE” and “Revolution”, both very upbeat and really defines rock well.

If you want a more simple rock kind of track, “Red Car Chase” is a great song, also “Save Our Souls” and “Abracadabra”.

Lastly, they actually have a few slow, sensual songs. And you might be surprised once you hear these after listening to the funk rock stuff they put out.

In conclusion, BRADIO really is an underrated band. Their groovy and funky nature combined with rock makes them likable and my favorite Japanese rock band. They really can make catchy songs. They’ve only made two musical appearances in anime, the other one being for some weird looking show called Peeping Life TV: Season 1?? and that opening, “HOTEL ALIEN”, is really good!

I hope they get more chances to make openings and/or ending themes for anime!

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Thanks for reading!! 😀



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