Top 12 Personal Favorite Slice-of-Life Anime

Good evening and the plan today was to put out two posts, but that probably won’t be happening. However, I actually have a reason for that! Surprise, surprise.

Today was the United States release of the 2016 anime film that was a hit in Japan called In This Corner of the World, thanks to Funimation bringing it over here. Fortunately a theater nearby was playing it so I went on ahead and watched it with my brother. I won’t tell you what I fully thought about it now, I’ll save it for the review that will come tomorrow or the following day. But just believe me, I have quite a bit of praise to give.

If you haven’t noticed yet, slice-of-life is one of my favorite genres. One of the big reasons why I love this particular category is that you can sit back and relax, and just watch a bunch of people live their daily lives in a silly way or with a more calm tone. There isn’t any intense plot or story progression, plus it can be a nice refresher from watching other genres of anime.

That being said, let’s get onto my top 12 favorite slice-of-life anime!

12. Amaama to Inazuma (2016)

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An anime created by TMS Entertainment about a single father trying his best to make his daughter happy by learning how to actually cook good food thanks to one of his students, I really loved this show.

Seeing Kouhei and Tsumugi live a happy life together even though Tsumugi’s mom is not in the picture was really heart-warming to watch. Also, the cooking scenes were very realistic and I’m pretty sure they took expressing these kinds of scenes pretty seriously. It’s a nice anime to experience.

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11. YuruYuri (2011)

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A SoL originally a manga by Namori and adapted by Doga Kobo, this show seriously doesn’t get old.

To sum it up: we follow four girls who are the “Amusement Club”, where they sit around and hang out, and watch their silly shenanigans they do everyday while other interesting characters tag along. Oh yeah, there are a handful of yuri undertones among this group of eight characters.

It’s silly, fun and entertaining. The chemistry between all the characters and how well you can see their friendship together, I really like this show.

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10. Sore ga Seiyuu! (2015)

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Me being someone who likes to catch up and follow some seiyuu (voice actors and actresses of anime), this show was surprisingly good.

Created by Gonzo, we follow three amateur rookie voice actresses and watch them try their hardest to become successful and unique in the competitive industry of voice acting while making a living.

The premise of this anime was actually really interesting to me. I had no idea what goes on during the voice acting recording sessions, and even how different seiyuu do their job, so if this is a realistic interpretation of the life of rookie voice actors and actresses they have to deal with (which I believe it is), then I have some serious respect for them.

Apart from the storyline, the characters are very likable and the music is nice to hear.

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9. Working!! (2010)

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Created by A-1 Pictures, this anime shows the daily and silly shenanigans that go on in a Japanese family restaurant called Wagnaria.

It being a pure slice-of-life, there isn’t really any important plot line. But what takes the cake is definitely the unique and funny characters that we watch. Everyone who works at Wagnaria has some distinct trait such as the head chef, Jun Satou, his looks are intimating but that’s because he honestly doesn’t give a damn most of the time; while on the other hand, we have Popura Taneshima, a short, cute waitress who is ambitious and strives to make everyone of the employees have a smile on their face. Everyone is definitely different from each other.

Image result for working anime popura

While these silly shenanigans go on in this small restaurant, a romance aspect does come into play with some of these characters and that definitely keeps you watching.

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8. In This Corner of the World (2016)

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You know, not all slice-of-life anime has to be silly and fun.

A 2-hour long historical drama film created by MAPPA, this is a story about how people in Japan lived during World War II back in the 1940s. I think we all know about it, Japan was involved in that massive war in a great way and we’ll never forget the atomic bombings that affected thousands of families, specifically in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We follow a normal Suzu Urano who ends up marrying a store clerk for the Japanese navy, Shuusaku Houjou. Now put in a completely new life and living with Shuusaku’s family, Suzu takes over the cooking, cleaning and everything else a housewife would do while in the harsh conditions of war. After unfortunate events and tragedy that would also come along throughout the story, this movie is essentially about perseverance, changing as a person and courage.

Image result for in this corner of the world

As I said, I don’t want to get fully into what I thought about this movie, that’ll be discussed in a later post. What I will say though is that it’s a much, much different experience and tone than most of the other slice-of-life anime shown in this list and that’s one of the big reasons why I really liked this film. From characters to the unique artstyle, everything came together to create a realistic and heartwarming story.

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7. My Ordinary Life (2011)

Probably one of the goofiest and random pieces of entertainment I’ve ever seen. And that’s a good thing.

A KyoAni creation, this anime mainly follows three childhood friends and later then introduced to a professor, her robot and a talking cat. And you know what happens with this group of people. A bunch of hilarious scenes doing the absolute random and unreal shenanigans such as watching a principal do a wrestling move on a deer or stupidly becoming stuck in a bunch of superglue, this show is definitely about an ordinary life.

Honestly, the show explains itself and it’s a show that made me laugh a lot.

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6. Clannad + Clannad: After Story (2007-2009)

Image result for clannad

Yes, Clannad is a slice-of-life but in my eyes, I mostly see this series only as a romance drama. I was almost not going to include this anime, but after thinking about how slice-of-lifey it is, I had to include it.

I think most people know what this anime is, but if you don’t, this Kyoto Animation show is about two high school students who become friends and end up falling in love while throughout the show, more dramatic events happen with other side characters that Tomoya, the blue haired guy, finds out about and helps them go over their individual obstacles. If you haven’t seen this show, first season is decent while the second is great.

Since this is a slice-of-life themed list, I’ll only be talking about the SoL parts. They were nice to watch, for example watching Nagisa’s parents interact with each other in a pretty hilarious way such as the whole shtick when Nagisa’s father “secretly” talks trash about his wife’s bread, but then we find out she was listening whole time, and now it’s Nagisa’s father’s job to run after her and apologize. It’s better if you watch the scene.

I wish I could talk more about the family aspect of the slice-of-life genre in this show which is the significant part, but I’ll be spoiling a lot and I don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience who hasn’t seen it. It’s great and interesting. Go watch it.

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5. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (2016)

Image result for miss kobayashi's dragon maid

When I saw the announcement of this show created by Kyoto Animation, I thought this was the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. A huge dragon turned into a cute maid with significantly large breasts? Uhh… isn’t that a tad weird?

However… I actually liked this show.

If you take away the big chest size and the fact that she and her buddies are dragons even though they’re in human form, it’s a silly and nice slice-of-life to watch. The characters and the funny ways they act around each other like how Tooru has a massive crush on Kobayashi and that Fafnir is actually a big otaku, this show is extremely weird, but in an entertaining way. Plus, the opening is really nice.

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4. Azumanga Daioh (2002)

Image result for azumanga daioh

A show made by J.C. Staff about a group of high school girls who do silly shenanigans while in school and have fun outside, this is one of the most popular slice-of-life anime of all time.

The silliness of this show is pretty good, to be honest, and all the characters are entertaining in their own way. Even Sakaki, the more quiet and reserved girl out of all of them, can make you chuckle.

A lot of random stuff happens in these girls’ daily lives and I would agree that it’s one of the most popular and influential SoL anime out there.

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3. Non Non Biyori (2013)

One of the most real and pure slice-of-life anime I’ve seen. We’re so used to the slice of life anime where it’s based in a high school or in the downtown area of Japan. However, Non Non Biyori takes slice of life in a different setting.

This anime is about four girls who live in the countryside and don’t have the cool luxuries of city kids, still manage to get by in life and have a ton of fun together. Even though their school isn’t like the city ones and smartphones or modern video games aren’t in their possession, being outside and exploring nature at it’s fullest is what they call fun.

With silly characters like Renge, a curious and weirdly smart kindergartner and Hotaru, a sweet girl who has maybe matured too much for her age, watching these girls and other side characters who are also equally entertaining, this is a great slice-of-life to experience.

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2. Usagi Drop (2011)

Oh my lord, this show is just perfect.

Image result for usagi drop

Adapted from a manga, Production I.G.’s creation is one of my favorite anime shows of all time.

After a 30-year-old single guy living a normal life decides to take care of a child whom he is related to, we see him, Daikichi, learn about parenthood and get by in life as a single parent to the girl, Rin.

Image result for usagi drop

Honestly one of the most heart-warming shows I’ve seen and this is pure slice-of-life. We see the daily lives of Daikichi and Rin, such as Daikichi helping Rin get ready for school, preparing and eating dinner with each other, plan playdates with other parents for their children, you can’t get anymore realistic than this, guys.

The humor can make you at least chuckle, thanks to Rin’s funny faces and sayings and following the story isn’t that bad either. I found learning how to be a parent from no knowledge to gaining a lot was pretty interesting.

It’s a great show. Just don’t read the manga. 🙂

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1. K-On! (2009)


Image result for k-on

One of the KyoAni’s most popular shows and also considered one of the most influential slice-of-life anime ever, K-On! is a simple slice-of-life. A show about five girls who are in the light music club, where they write and produce different kinds of songs and have a grand, fun time together.

Honest to God, this show absolutely does not become old to me, and watching the daily lives of these five ladies and the amount of fun they have together, either hanging out or making amazing music, that’s why this is one of my favorite anime of all time. Oh, also, apologize my language but the music is fucking good.

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And that’s all folks! I also want to address the people before they comment “Where’s Lucky Star, where’s Toradora, where’s Haruhi, where’s this one SoL show that should definitely be on this list?”. Well, in the case of those three shows, I haven’t watched/finished. Remember, the title says “personal favorite”.

Other than that, thanks for reading!! 😀



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