Kaoru Tanamachi: Part-time Bro, Part-time Romantic

Welp, my personal bias is kicking in again 😛

So, after the Ui Hirasawa character post I did, I gained more ideas on what characters I should give my thoughts, praise and analysis on. That being said, here’s a new segment I boringly called Character Discussion. Here I’ll be mostly discussing a specific character, why I love them and describing how they are in their respective show, but sometimes there could be a deeper analysis I would do. Expect this segment to occur frequently 🙂

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, Amagami SS is my favorite romance comedy ever. The story, the characters, and ESPECIALLY the music, everything is amazing. I’m only keeping this short because I talk about this show so much and I think people get it. If you want to see a full review on it, click here.

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I think I’ve said this many times but the story/arc of Kaoru Tanamachi is my absolute favorite one, out of all six. Yes, Ai’s and Tsukasa’s are ultimately better in quality and story, but the relationship of Kaoru and the main character/protagonist, Junichi Tachibana, just takes the whole cake for me. During the 30 Day Anime Challenge I did back in May, when I was approached with the topic of favorite couple in anime, I went with Kaoru and Junichi’s.

Today, I’ll be discussing the character of Kaoru and just talking about why she’s a little different from the other five ladies.

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First, let’s look at her personality. Being a person who has known Junichi since middle school, she’s playful and likes to tease Junichi a lot. Alongside best bro Umehara Masayoshi, this trio of friends are just like any other group of buddies, one of them is more reserved while the other two like to joke around. I can definitely relate, I’m like Junichi and the more mature one who tries to calm my friends down when they do stupid shit.

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You want to know how close Kaoru is to Junichi? Well, Kaoru is pretty physical and likes to punch Junichi for fun and also if he does something she doesn’t like but Kaoru also goes as far as to bite his ear during class to wake him up and pretty much tease him as well. This is one of the times we’ll get to see the close and physical relationship of these two. And we see a lot in this arc.

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Other than that, Kaoru is VERY hard-working and determined. She works part-time as a waitress at a family restaurant, but she doesn’t stop there. Kaoru does other part-time jobs such as selling Christmas cakes one day and also being an announcer at one of those performances at an amusement park. All this hard work is to support her and her mom, and now that her father is not in the picture (if there was a reason why he’s not around, I missed it), she is determined to get by in life with only her mother.

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Kaoru in her work uniform at the restaurant.

One last thing, Kaoru is very supportive and definitely has her friends’ backs. The one and only example is that her good friend, Keiko, has a big crush on a guy in their class and she’s having trouble approaching him. Kaoru, being a good friend, helps her out a little bit and Keiko manages to give her crush a love letter. However, it seems that the guy was a douchebag and started laughing and making fun of the love letter with his buddies, which sparked Kaoru’s fuse and she instantly got furious that she yells her ass off for her best friend.


Before we get into the “romantic side” of Kaoru, I just want to praise her personality and mentality. I actually really like the kind of relationship she has with Junichi, you know, being friends for a significant amount of time lets you be very close with each other and I guess I can relate very much since most of my friends are people who I’ve known for almost a decade. Childhood friends are something very, very special, in my opinion.

Also, I appreciate the hard work she does to keep her and her mom happy. Balancing working not only one job, but a few while going to school and maintaining your grades, that really takes a lot of effort and determination to do that.


Towards the beginning of the arc, Kaoru realizes that she’s starting to have romantic feelings for the guy she’s known for a while. She couldn’t believe it and felt that she was almost dreaming, but it was a reality for Kaoru to have a crush on her middle school friend. Throughout the story, Kaoru was mostly the catalyst of getting closer to Junichi and she even fully planned out their first date.

Speaking of their first date, when Kaoru finally confessed her feelings to Junichi, I believe it’s one of the most romantic and heart-warming confession scenes that I’ve ever experienced. If you want to take a look, here’s the full scene:

“I can say 100 bad things about you. But… I can say 101 good things about you.

This is why I love Kaoru.

Beginning to have feelings for someone and falling in love definitely made Kaoru a different person. It’s great to see someone who acts more tough, playful and more friendly, now turn into a worrisome person who has a massive crush on her close friend. This is all thanks to Junichi.

In conclusion, Kaoru is probably someone who I would want to be friends with and possibly start a romantic relationship with, if there was someone in the world like her. You can later see in the second season that the relationship of her and Junichi is probably the most realistic out of all of them, and that’s one of the other reasons why Kaoru’s story is different from the others. Overall, Kaoru is a great character and an amazing friend.

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Also, here’s the ending theme of Kaoru’s arc:

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I don’t like the other ladies in this anime. I really like all of them and even though some of their stories are pretty boring and one was even disappointing, the characters themselves are all really entertaining and unique.

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MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/character/32393/Kaoru_Tanamachi

Thanks for reading!! 😀



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