A List of Anime Songs to Play on the Guitar!

I don’t know if I told you guys this but I’ve been very fond of playing guitar. Ever since I took a class in my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I sometimes have the urge to pick up one and just play for a few minutes. I actually was planning to record myself playing some songs, but I gotta practice a little bit more since I keep messing up some things here and there. However, I will promise to show you my horrible guitar playing some time in the near future 🙂

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Recently, after searching high and low for some good anime songs to play, I discovered that I didn’t have to use the American sites to find Japanese songs, oh no, no, no. If you play guitar, you probably know a little site called Ultimate Guitar. It’s THE place to find pretty much any song, either chords, tabs, how to play it on the ukulele and bass, it’s an amazing place for guitar players.

Japan actually has their own version of Ultimate Guitar called UFret, and if you’re looking for anime songs to play, well, you don’t have to look any further.

By the way, these songs are going to be fairly easy and are only in chord form, not tab. If you’re an advanced guitar player, do not expect some intense stuff to be here 😛

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“Flyers” by BRADIO (Death Parade OP)

I wrote a whole post about these guys and they are seriously one of my favorite bands, hands down! The combination of funk/soul and rock they do is genius and I’m having a very hard time trying to find a song that I don’t like by them.

The chords for the opening of Death Parade are fairly easy and with the right strumming pattern, you can learn this song pretty quickly.


“Koi wo Shita no wa” by aiko (Koe no Katachi ED)

One of my favorite songs from anime, it’s really just a beautiful track from a beautiful movie.

This one was a little difficult with the timing and some of the chords like G#m7-5, so I would suggest listening closely to the song and determine the timing from there since the lyrics in the song sheet is all in Japanese.


“God knows…” by Aya Hirano (Haruhi Suzumiya Insert Song)

A classic song from a classic anime! The memorable guitar solo and Haruhi singing the catchy chorus, this is a great song.

While the song sheet I’m giving you does not include tab for that amazing guitar solo at the beginning, the chords are pretty easy and it’s a nice song to learn. If you’re looking for the guitar solo tab, I’m positive someone has it on the internet.


“Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou” by Aqours (Love Live Sunshine ED)

The great ending to the first season of Love Live! Sunshine!!, I even said that this ending is much better than the SIP ones.

This song is pretty much about timing, it’s fast so you gotta think quick. Just listen and I’m pretty sure you’ll learn it in a short amount of time.


“Natsuiro egao de 1, 2 Jump!” by μ’s

I don’t remember but if this song wasn’t playing when it was an episode where the group went to Maki’s beachhouse or whatever, I would be very, very surprised.

The song with Nico Yazawa as the center, this is genuinely a nice song to listen to. It’s fun, upbeat and everyone sounds great it in.

As for the chords, the chords themselves are very easy but the song does go really fast so it’s all about keeping up.


“U&I” by Houkago Tea Time (K-On! Insert Song)

The heartwarming song by Yui Hirasawa to the best sister in the world, Ui, this is a nice, cute rock song to listen to. Plus, the lyrics are real tearjerkers.

The chords are easy but like most of the songs in this list, they are really fast.


I actually found a really easy tab on this song, thanks to a site called “Anime Guitar Tabs” where they have loads of simple guitar tabs on anime songs. You can now play the iconic solo from this song!

Image result for u&i guitar tab

Image result for u&i guitar tab

“Youkoso Japari Park e” by Dobutsu Biscuits and PPP (Kemono Friends OP)

I don’t watch Kemono Friends and I don’t plan to watch it but the opening is actually really good and infectiously catchy.

This song is actually one that I want to practice a lot since the chords aren’t all that bad and it’s a nice song to play so I’ll try to get good at this opening.

To add on, here’s Masayoshi Ooishi, the guy who performed the amazing opening for Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, playing the Kemono Friends opening and he is insanely good at guitar and singing!


“Hitorigoto” by ClariS (Eromanga-sensei OP)

You know, behind all the genitalia talk, the incest, the sexualization of underage girls, this show actually has a good opening and ending!

If you don’t know ClariS, you probably do and they’re in the back of your mind since they are VERY well-known in the anime industry and have done openings and endings to various popular anime such as Madoka MagicaOreimoNisekoiNisemonogatari and many more.

As a matter of fact, my friend Shokamoka has your back into introducing you to the wonderful world of ClariS, with their top 30 favorite songs by the duo. Check out that post and give them a follow while you’re at it!

Going over to the chords of this opening, it has some curveballs here and there but most of the chords are fairly easy and it’s not that fast. But, you might have to practice some parts like me.


“Zen Zen Zense” by RADWIMPS (Kimi no Na wa Insert Song)

Let me just say, if you’re here for the awesome guitar solo at the beginning, you’re not going to find it here 😛

Arguably the best song in the highly praised movie by mastermind Makoto Shinkai, this song is actually pretty easy to play. There are a few hard chords like B/D# but everything else isn’t that hard to play. Give it a try!


“Rain” by Motohiro Hata (Garden of Words ED)

This beautiful song from my absolute favorite Makoto Shinkai film, I actually wanted to play this song pretty badly after watching it.

Chords are more on the advanced side, but thanks to the chord figures they give you, it’s just about practicing and practicing. I mean, I can’t even play this song fully so you’re not alone 🙂


“i Love” by azusa (Amagami SS OP1)

Honest to God, I can’t wait until December to rewatch this show.

The opening to Amagami SS has to be one of my favorite songs in the world and the beautiful singing of azusa just makes me smile and fill my face with chills.

As for the chords, it’s pretty simple, the verses are three chords while the chorus gets a little bit harder. Either way, it’s a nice song to play!


That’s pretty much it and I hope you have fun with your guitar playing! UFret has so many other anime songs that you’ll probably find your favorite anime opening or ending there.

Thanks for reading!!! 😀



2 thoughts on “A List of Anime Songs to Play on the Guitar!

    1. It’s actually not that bad! If you have a capo, the chords will be probably on your level like G, C, D, Em7 and some others. The chord diagrams on UFret are actually extremely helpful, if you ask me. 🙂


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