Good Game Choice: What Never Was

I was scrolling through my pictures folder and found things from a project that was suppose to happen but never did. Around the end of 2015, I was really close friends with people you might’ve seen in some of my earlier videos. Nico, or ASAPDOG; Chris, formally known as JoystickMafia but now Civilized Chris and Richard, or Westmac510. I suggested to them that we should make one channel where all of us collaborate, play games and just have a great time. It was called Good Game Choice. nice name huh We planned, we made up a name, we got commissioned someone to draw us in … Continue reading Good Game Choice: What Never Was

Sweet Sixteen

I am sixteen years old today. You might think, oh, what’s so significant about it. Well, I’ll tell you. In the United States, when you turn sixteen, you can do the following things legally: receive a driver’s license and drive a car leave home and live by yourself (but you must have a place to live and can make enough money to do so) get married, apparently leave school get a firearms license (def getting that shit) get a job and earn minimum wage There are more privileges available for 16-year-olds but these are the pretty major ones. So driving … Continue reading Sweet Sixteen

Anime-mas Update

So, I noticed that the shows I’ve reviewed for Anime-mas (*cough* which you can see them here *cough*), most are just slice-of-life high school girl romance anime. I’ll admit that I’m not very diverse with the reviews so that’s why I’m going to change it up a bit for the last 2 reviews. I apologize if you are sick of the high school themed anime with the main character being a kawaii girl, I can now see that and will give you something else after the next review.   Continue reading Anime-mas Update

School and YouTube

Hi. It’s currently 3:30 AM and I just decided to make a post about stuff. Now I was originally going to make this a video on my channel as a part of a new series called “Chill Chat”, kinda like the phrase “chit chat” but chillin’, ya know. alright i’ll stop. While editing the video, I felt like my commentary was very unprepared so I decided a blog post would suit my thoughts better. Enough rambling though, let’s get on with the real talk. School for me starts in less than a week, same with some, some already started and … Continue reading School and YouTube