update 3/15/17

okay so, i just wanted to give you a bit of an update on what i’ll be doing on my channels in a few days, just to inform you. For the Alfredeo channel: I plan to post a video playing Rhythm Heaven Fever, for the Wii, which will be very entertaining seeing me fail and probably swear, because that game is actually pretty difficult even though it looks easy For the alfredopasta channel: skits will be coming very soon, i just have to actually think about how to make my ideas funnier for you guys. also, i might need someone … Continue reading update 3/15/17

update bois

hey and sorry if you miss the anime shit on this blog, i’ve been meaning to complete another Currently Watching post but haven’t gotten to it yet. but what I’ve been doing is making stupid skits on my second channel. yes, I am starting to use it not only for osu videos, but hopefully funny little videos that you might laugh to or even relate to. here is a little sneak preview for ya: hope you enjoy those and more skits to come!!!! -al Continue reading update bois

Valentine’s Day Presents

Hi! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and since I enjoy your presence around me (love is a strong word), here are a few gifts I want to give you. First off, I’ve been introduced to this rhythm game called, osu!, and have been posting videos on gameplay on my second channel, alfredopasta. Here is one of them: there are a bunch more songs you can watch and will upload so go to my channel, alfredopasta. Next up, I posted the fourth episode of Romance Detective, just in time for Valentine’s Day: Lastly, I will be posting a review later today … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Presents